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The Hero essay There are very few things that make a hero great, whether it’s supernatural powers or a traumatic event like the death of their parents, these heroes possess things that truly have made them great throughout time. They have all gone through a transformation that has done something to make them “super” or make them great. No matter if it 's batman superman or the hulk, they have qualities and events that have lead to their epic qualities, these qualities go all the way back to comic books in the 60’s and 70’s and have now been brought to life with special effects and great actors. One of the qualities that make all heroes great is not necessarily a great thing but it has caused a lot of these heroes to become…show more content…
One thing all these great hero’s have in common is their supernatural abilities to use agility, strength, or immortality. This supernatural ability are probably the biggest keys to success for these hero’s and is most likely the cause they are super heroes in the first place. With Spiderman, his unnatural agility and keen sense of awareness is something that he uses every time he goes to fight crime, as we have seen in movies and been described to in comic books. This supernatural ability has saved his life and made it 100% possible for him to do the times he could have never done before his spider bite as it described his as a normal boy who was lonely and unimpressive before his abilities. Thor is another prime example of this beautiful cause of events, as he grew up in Asgard as a normal child and grew to a normal man for his kingdom but was granted great powers by his father Odin and is now known as a very powerful being. His great supernatural power has affected Asgard and earth on very similar levels as both places see his as a hero..Not just a hero, but a great hero. One more of our favorite hero was just a normal man to the place where he came from and gained the gift of greatness when he gained his powers when he came to earth. He got supernatural powers from the radiation of the sun and he uses his power and

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