Definition Of A Hero

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Everyone has a personal hero, most recent arguments have introduced ideas of celebrities being the new hero, and some have wondered who is considered heroes today. Being a hero these days doesn’t mean you are someone with special powers, or someone that has saved lives, but anyone can be labeled a hero. The word hero is often used by young kids naming someone they appreciate or wish to be such as famous singers, actors, and sport players. What is a hero to everyone, is that hero really a hero, and who is really considered to be a hero?

Celebrities such as singers, actors, and models, what are they to the people of the unknown? What about famous sport players that play baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, is there anything majorly special about them? One thing of common is that they are highly sought after by fans with big wishes to hopefully one day become like them. But what about the war veterans, police officers, and firefighters, shouldn’t they be sought after just as much? What is a hero to us the people? A celebrity? A famous sport player? A police officer or war veteran? According to the article “Our Definition of Hero”, “our definition of hero is based on our work as social scientists.” (Allison and Goethals) We tend to pick heroes on our personal experiences, such as a soccer player listing a soccer star as their personal hero, or a rescued child choosing a police officer or firefighter as their hero from past experiences. All in all, a hero can be a
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