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A literature search was carried out to find a definition of accountability using the BNI and CINHAL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) ‘accountability’ was inputted into the databases. 18,114 results from search engine BNI and 16,725 results were produced from CINHAL respectfully. Results were reduced as filters were applied (see appendices 2). Filters were applied, before titles, abstracts and whole articles were reviewed, this was the case for Mullen (2014) on CINHAL. Mullen (2014) was then analyzed regarding its content. 83 words
Definitions of accountability were scrutinized before being utilised. In order for someone to be accountable they must have the ability to perform the task, accept the responsibility
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However Cox and Wallace (2002) state that accountability is a legal framework and regulated mandatory. However the definition is from an article focusing of politics and government record keeping (Tough, 2011). Cornock (2011) is similar to Oxford dictionary (2015) by stating that by accepting accountability, a health care professional may be required to justify their actions, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) additionally mentions being able to justify actions taken (2008) . The NMC definition holds a lot of respect due to the definition being from a governing body, though this may be considered outdated due to newer codes being introduced. Some of the definitions used are from different public sectors, however are able to be transferred to other areas. All the definitions found have an aspect of legality in them and having responsibility of decision making. The NMC code (2015), states that registered nurses are accountable for tasks which have been delegated to other members of staff. 180…show more content…
Civil and criminally due to nurses having a duty of care to the public and to ensure harm does not come to patients while under their care. Employability law due to nurses working within polices and guidelines of their employer, working outside policy risks litigation (Guy H, 2010). Additionally nurses are accountable professionally, morally and ethically and should withhold the NMC code of conduct (2015), by not withholding the code while practicing, nurses become at risk of struck off the nursing register. The next section will focus on a case example. 104 words
Case example: patient came out of orthopaedic hip replacement surgery and had a low temperature of 33-34°C. No one had measured his temperature during the whole of the surgery. A Datex was carried out and completed. The case example fits into the pillar of Risk management in which policies will be put into place to minimise risks including monitoring the patient. Within this case example, the NMC code (2015) 14.1 and 14.3 was followed by formally documenting the incident which had occurred. Formally documentation is a part of communication skill which is within the 6C’s. 92

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