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What is Curriculum? The curriculum is considered as the heart of the educational enterprise. Within the twentieth century, the curriculum of schools and of colleges has been defined in several ways. Some people have called the curriculum as the accumulated tradition of organized knowledge, contained in school and college subjects. Other persons have considered it to be the modes of thinking and inquiring about the phenomena of our world. The word curriculum is derived from Latin word ‘currere’ means ‘to run’ or ‘race course’. Thus the curriculum is the medium to realize the goals and objectives of teaching a particular subject of study. It provides a comprehensive plan on which the entire system of learning and teaching can be based. Curriculum…show more content…
A curriculum covers all the issues relating to the planning, implementation and evaluation of a series of language learning events. A special policy gives direction to a curriculum, but it also puts some parameters which confined it in some limit. In general, the concept of curriculum is complex, dynamic system, where everything is interconnected, and adopted the norms. The process of planning enacting and evaluating are interrelated and dynamic. New innovation in the curriculum is viewed as technology, because, in the process of curriculum also occurs some changes when new behaviour and organizational patterns are introduced, so the task of educational reforms must find the most efficient ways to do this, and improve our self. Curriculum is the basis of all the activities of the school. It is the life- blood of the educational programme. Unless the curriculum is nicely planned, it is not possible to utilize the precious years of the lives of the students that are spent in the school. It is the means, through which the aim of education is achieved. It gives an idea to the teacher and the students of what to do, how to do, and when to do. It is a tool in the hands of the teacher through which he can mould the lives of the…show more content…
This concept is broad based. It has been remarked that the new conception of the curriculum is very broad-based. It consists of the totality of experiences that the pupil receives through the many fold activities that go on in the school, in the classroom library, laboratories, workshop and playgrounds, and in the numerous contacts between the teacher and the pupils. It is neither dogmatic nor rigid in its formation and structure. It is neither uniform nor it is standardized to conform to a prescribed pattern. It is characterized by variety and elasticity and is tailored to the needs of the students of the different age levels. It gives the students an increasing awareness of the environment around them so that they may fit inefficiently in the fabric of community life. The curriculum is varied and has the element of elasticity. All these things are there in order to fulfil the needs and requirements of the students. In fact the education is to be moulded according to the needs of the students and so the curriculum has to be constructed

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