Definition Of Family Unity Essay

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Family unity is an essential part of my life. My family in many ways works like a team. When I hear the word family, I think of the adjectives loving, caring, supportive, closeness, and chaotic. My family is all of the above. No family is the same, mine is definitely unique. My family consists of a mom, dad, four brothers, my sister, and myself. Without each one of us, my team would not work properly. In our family, my dad is the head coach of our team. He is the motivator and the encourager. Never in my life have I heard or seen my dad give up on something. If he starts something, he will make sure he finishes it. He encourages all of his kids to be the best we can be and to remember to reach for the stars. Every sports event that we have played in, he was there. Not only is he the motivator and encourager in our…show more content…
Family time does not always come so easily. As children and young adults, we are often very busy. We try to preserve time for family activities so we can grow closer while still having fun. When we were all at a young age it was very easy to go outside and play a family game of basketball. Now it is more difficult because everyone has grown up and moved on with own lives. Even though most of my family members live far away, we still have a strong connection. We keep this strong tradition threw family tradition. Most of our family traditions consist of all of us coming together on a special occasion. We take multiple family vacations each year. My favorite family tradition takes place at Christmas time. Every Christmas my family and I drive to Gatlinburg Tennessee. Every Christmas Eve, we have a family talent show. The laugher and silliness is something that you will never forget. Not only is it during my favorite time of the year, but most of all I enjoy the special feeling of having all of my family together. We take advantage of the time we have together because it will not last
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