Definition Essay About Fashion

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What do people think of me? What do I think of myself? How do people see me? How do I see myself? These are questions that an individual, specifically females, ask themselves daily. Every person is busy writing his or her own life-story where they play the leading role. Your life-story forms your self-image. Every experience, and what other people say to this person plays a major part of their life-story, and what your peers or even strangers say or think about you is what your self-image, for most people, is based on. That’s where fashion comes in.
In this ever so changing day and age, it is hard to decipher and realize the meaning of fashion. Even more difficult is figuring out how the term affects us. I believe that if we can understand the term fashion, we can then decide how we want to make use of it, and whether it is for us or not. This research is based on what fashion means to people, specifically teenagers who are all about being trendy and following what is “in” nowadays. Factors about their lives and opinions will be used to determine whether fashion really matters and what is the purpose of it. All this is
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A study was done that talks about how fashion plays an important role in communicating with others. This is an aspect of fashion, communication. Just as there are verbal ways of communicating with each other, there is a way of communicating with each other through the art of your body and fashion. Fashion can be used to convey messages such as your social status, your race, your class and most obvious, your gender as well as many other aspects. As we have our own languages like English and Afrikaans, fashion has its own language. The language of fashion does not only include clothing but also jewelry, shoes and other accessories that all work together to form an outfit and each outfit tells its own
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