Definition Of Fear

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Fear is the experience of concern or anxiety. Many people fear things like snakes or clowns, and maybe even heights. However, the thing that makes my skin crawl is not quite like the others.

What makes me fret is losing control. What I mean by this is letting my things I can’t control out of my grip. My grades are a great example of this. I am a firm believer in being able to take initiative in any situation, especially when it pertains to school. However, this can become a time consuming and a stress-filled cycle of constant standard that feels it can never be met. This pattern happens to the point of fear, fear of failure and losing control of my future. Another example is friendships. Friendships are a complete risk. The root of this particular fear started when I lost some of my most valuable friendships. The people who were supposed to last in my life and always be there for me skipped out. So this form of fear is more a PTSD than a pre-existing one.
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By the definition of fear things such as losing control qualify as forms of fear. Since most people don’t think deeply enough to consider their own struggles is why my “fears” are out of the

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