Vampire Movies: Similarities Between Fantasy And Horror Film

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Fantasy and horror literature have developed during the time. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens, witches, ghosts have figured prominently in genre fiction for several centuries. The vampires in particular have had quite allure than other types. Nowadays, the vampire movies are becoming popular than the past. Time passed, the vampire films also have changed quite different way than 1990s. The first contrast is the appearance of the vampires in the movies. Compared to the old version of vampires with current vampires, the old version of vampires was not attractive, in fact, they were hideous with long fingernails and wreaked of dead bodies and corpses. They wear black robes or capes with white shirts. The old vampires also wear scary make-up…show more content…
First of all, the term bloodlust is usually defined as a desire to shed blood, but in the Twilight saga’s vampire fetish context, it is more suited to the definition of a vampire’s desire for blood as a life source.. “Edward wants to consume Bella, in more than one sense of the word. Edward’s vampire form and Bella’s human form takes the man-hunter, woman-prey metaphor to a literal perspective. Bella is both food and lover to Edward. She recognises this, accepts it, and doesn’t object to it” (renı eddo lodge) Throughout the series, Edward consistently makes reference to that Bella smells delicious. In this regard, Edward sexually objectifies Bella because he is attracted to her due to the appealing smell of her…show more content…
The gold became liquid again, molten, burning down into mine with an intensity that was overwhelming.
Don’t do anything reckless or stupid,’’ he ordered, no longer detached. ‘‘Do you understand what I’m saying… His eyes cooled, the distance returned. I’m thinking of Charlie of course. He needs you. Take care of yourself – for him’’ (Meyer 71). Bella is positioned therefore as powerless and hurting, so she executes a series of disappearing acts. Since Bella cannot prevent Edward leaving because he is older, stronger and more independent and powerful. However, Bella is a dependent child in her father’s household. “The reader knows that if Bella hurts herself she will also punish Edward for his rejection, but Bella must not recognise this consciously otherwise her distress at being rejected would not seem real, and her subsequent self-harming actions would seem consciously manipulative.”(Jarvis

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