Definition Of Happiness

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An individual’s inalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One can easily get consumed in trying to obtain happiness. Scientists have yet to discover a true definition of happiness, yet it is the most desired emotion in all of human existence. It is believed that a happier person lives a healthier and more stable lifestyle. People should not feel pressured to be happy one­hundred percent of the time. Although happiness is an essential part of life, it is just as important to experience one’s negative emotions.
A person is equipped with emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, doubt, embarrassment and many more. Out of all these emotions, the only one that people are told to embrace is happiness. Individuals are supposed
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“Our so­called negative emotions encourage slower, more systematic cognitive processing. We rely less on quick conclusions and pay more attention to subtle details that matter.” (David 124) This free willing spirit, caused by happiness, enables an individual to accept anything without question. When one is in a bad mood, one actually becomes better at decision making because he or she has taken the time to thoroughly think through the situation. On a gloomy day one’s memory is superior because his or her mind is more focused. The grumpy sensational state of mind also, “up[s] your generosity [and]...boost your ability to reason.” (David 126) The adverse thinking of someone who is not having a good day strives to treat everyone fairly and notices unfair treatment to others. It also causes he or she to be more willing to consider an opposing statement. Positive things can come out of unfortunate situations when one embraces his or her experience of negative…show more content…
All emotions are significant to human life. If everyone was happy all of the time it would no longer be considered happiness. One would not know the true extents of happiness. It becomes a normal and generalized feeling. To appreciate the happy times one must suffer through the tough times.
Happiness is not the only emotion that brings forth satisfaction. Someone may experience feelings such as peace and joy without necessarily being happy. One’s happiness is dependent upon one’s surroundings, and it is only a temporary feeling. Joy reflects one’s inner most contentment with themselves. With peace, despite the stressors around someone, one can remain unfazed by it all. One can have peace and joy and not be happy.
In the book of Psalms, chapter 34 and verse 19, it states that,“Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”(KJV) God shows that every individual faces his or her own share of trials and tribulations. Pain and suffering is relatively normal to encounter in one’s lifetime. Trouble does not last always and neither does the low spirits one is facing right now, so accept it to move
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