Civil Rights Definition

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Register to read the introduction…Civil rights can be described as the rights which involve the interaction of individuals with the society. Civil rights include expression of thoughts, even expression of new thoughts should not be prevented. It also includes freedom of expression of religion, speech etc. Political rights include mainly legal rights. It involves right to justice and petition, to associate and assemble, right to a fair trials etc. these rights are negative rights. They can also be described as hands off rights, which means the organization or country should keep their hands off from them who are expressing these rights. These rights should be taken into consideration when dealing with citizens of a country. But an individual should be a part of the country to access these rights. Article 15 emphasises the ways of utilizing the rights of citizenship. These rights originate from the time of Magna Carta. It did not develop in a single day, but grew generally from a small scale or region to a large scare or national and international. They date back to French revolution, through universal declaration of human rights to international covenant to civil and political rights. They are define and develop identity of an individual and emphasises the need to stop discrimination. It is all about participation that is paying their dues and being recognized. These are the oldest sort of rights. The activist who was included as an icon in this lesson was…show more content…
We want you to use your imagination and think about a "what if" situation. What if you were born differently? How different would a certain part of your life be? Maybe some examples will help you: If I was a girl, I wouldn 't be allowed to walk alone on the streets when it is dark. Or: If I had a walking disability, I wouldn 't be able to use a wheelchair in my street, because the roots of the threes destroy the sidewalk. Now it is your turn, think of one way your life would be different if you were born a different…show more content…
They speak of human resource. Law is an important part of implementation of these human rights. It can be further classified into rights and duties. Rights are inherently owed to the person, while duties are owned to the society. You have obligation towards the society and in return you get rights. The three dimensions of human rights are liberty equality and fraternity. The documents capturing the 3 dimensions are treaty, covenent and declarations. While treaty and covenant partially fall under law because they are binding and can be used interchangeably, declarations on the other hand are recommendations and not law. The agents or organizations monitoring these rights are divided into several levels like global, regional, national, local and individual. Finally the recommendations given by the author is to have proper knowledge about your rights and duties, talk about rights with community and individual and educate people. The additional links include the names of international and regional non-governmental organizations. It also includes the speech of Malala Yousafzai in UN in 2013, who was attacked in her homeland for simply wanting to go to
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