Definition Of Human Rights

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Allversity: Introduction to Human Rights

Course 6: First Dimension: Civil and Political Rights
Q1-- Civil and political rights protect the freedom of the individual from the interference of the state and/or private organizations. These rights ensure that every person is able to participate in the civil and political life of the state without being discriminated or repressed. Which set of rights below corresponds to this definition of civil and political rights?
A-- Freedom of thought, speech, and religion; rights to a fair trial, to assemble, to vote
Q2-- What is the relationship between citizenship and human rights?
A-- Countries are obliged to respect citizen’s rights but not human rights
Q3-- What was Rosa Parks’s refusal to give up her seat in the bus really about?
A-- It was a statement against racial segregation in the United States

Q—which first dimension human rights mentioned in the lesson were violated in the Rosa Parks bus incident? Can you think of others not mentioned in the video?
A-- First dimensions of Human rights are civil and political rights. Civil rights refers to the rights that involves an individual 's interaction with the society. Political rights are rights involving the legal and fairness of law and justice.
The Rosa Parks bus incident took place in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama in United States. It was during the civil rights movement. The dimension violated in her case was the civil rights, as they were not allowed to express their
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