Hypertension: Silent Killer

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Introduction Hypertension is a disease of the new age disease is called the silent killer because it comes from the neighborhood of several too many reasons not confined under one thing, but multiply to become a killer disease. I will address this in a little bit about Alguet disease and its definition, causes and methods of diagnosis and hopefully interest. Definition of hypertension What is hypertension? Blood pressure is the power used by the blood against blood vessels on walls , the amount of force be determined by resistance on blood vessels in the cardiac output. The flowing blood in vessels exerts force beside walls - called blood pressure. Hypertension well-defined a blood pressure upper than 140 / 90 mmHg…show more content…
Laboratory tests are performed to identify the possible causes of hypertension , for examples of these are routine tests including urinalysis and blood chemistry ( to see the level of Na, K ,creatinine , protein , urea , blood glucose , LDH and others ).For the kidney das. mage there is elevation in urea and creatinine . the ECG can performed for any heart problems . Smeltzer, S.C, Bare, B.G, Hinkle, J.L, & Cheever, K.H. (2014) Medical management for hypertensive…show more content…
the treatment of hypertension is by : first for the life style modification . the second is by antihypertensive drugs. Doctors usually use algorithm to plan initial treatment for patient with hypertension. An effective treatment for patient with hypertension are weight loss , reduce alcohol and sodium intake and physical activity. Diet with fruits , vegetables and low fat diet are important for to reduce blood pressure. Antihypertensive drugs reduce peripheral resistance , blood volume and myocardial contraction . the first medications can be used to reduce blood pressure are diuretics or beta blocker or both together. If this medications are not lower blood pressure less than 140/90 , the doctor must increases the dose . when blood pressure start to reduce lower than we can reduce the dose and type of drugs. Smeltzer, S.C, Bare, B.G, Hinkle, J.L, & Cheever, K.H. (2014) The lifestyle modifications to prevent and manage hypertension The modification The recommendation The aim of SBP ( range) The weight reduction To maintain of the normal weight body From 5- 20 mm hgl10 kg The adopt DASH of eating plan Consume of a diet rich on the vegetables and fruits and low of fat. From 8 -14 mm hg The dietary of sodium reduction Minimize dietary of sodium intake. From 2-8 mm hg The physical activity Engage in the regular aerobic of physical activity like walking From 4-9 mm hg The moderation of an alcohol

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