Definition Of Imperialism And Colonialism

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TALLINN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY TALLINN SCHOOOL OF ECONOMICS AND BUSSINESS AMINSTRATION ONUKWULI FERNANDEZ KOSI. A156110TASB11 COLONIALISM THOUGH IT’S METHOD ARE EXTREME, HASTENS THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NATION MORE THAN IMPERIALISM. POLITICAL SCIENCE. SUPERVISOR: IVAR HENDLA. TALLINN 2015 Defenders of modern imperialism and colonialism long pleaded their case in terms of the white man’s burden, they reasoned that it was the obligation of advanced nation to help the people of backward nations. (Perkin, Palmer. 2007). Imperialism has a wide range of meaning as different people have varying levels of understanding, some definitions of imperialism are as defined by Moritz B. “ imperialism is a policy which aims at creating, organizing and maintaining an empire (which is a state of vast size composed of various more or less distinct national units and subject to a single centralized will”.(Moritz B. 1973) another definition of imperialism as defined by Parker T. would be “ imperialism simply means the domination of non-European native races by totally dissimilar European nations.”(Parker T.1926). Colonialism on the other hand though often associated with imperialism as defined by J. Hobson as

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