Definition Of Inequality In South Africa

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Social inequality has been a major issue in south Africa, both during the times of apartheid and post apartheid. Many of South Africa 's social inequalities are the results of a poor or lack of service delivery from the country 's state. Service delivery is a conventional South African phrase which is used to describe the providing of basic resources to the country citizens who depend on such forth a living. Basic resources include housing, water, sanitation and infrastructure. This essay will further discuss A) the meaning of social inequality in society, B) provide a discussion with examples of ways the South African state has bought about significant change or insignificant change in society, focusing mainly on racial inequality and housing inequalities and C) explain why the South African government has or has not bought about change to the lives of ordinary people in south Africa through the examination and analysis of the Marxist and elitists theories.

A) the meaning of social inequality in society
According to the Oxford dictionary, the word "inequality" means, "the unfair difference between groups of people in society when some have more wealth, status and opportunities than others". A few key words and phrases are stated within this definition which provides further meaning towards the overall context of social inequality. They are: "groups of people", "wealth", "status" and "opportunity". Each will be further discussed:

1. "groups of people".
This suggests

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