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Language is considered as a system of communication in expressing ideas, emotional, and desire. It has an important role in daily life. We use language both in oral or written language. There are so many languages in the world but it is hard to mastery them all. So if we would like to communicate with other people who has different language with us, we can use one of the languages that considered as an international language. English is international language. Learning English as an international language is very important for many people in the world where they can widen their relations with them who come from different national language background. We can understand cultures, customs, and development of the other countries, if we can communicate…show more content…
The English teacher of SMPN 3 Gianyar have been qualified enough in English teaching.

1.7. Definition of Key Term
To give clear understanding of term used in this study, it is important to define operationally the following terms, they are defined as follows:
1. Vocabulary
Vocabulary is a list of words and often phrases, usually arranged alphabetically and defined or translated, lexicon and glossary (Farlex 2005: 1)
2. Word Tree Branch
Word tree branch is one of techniques for increasing vocabulary, we can make one key word to be developed for other vocabularies.
3. SMPN 3 Gianyar
SMPN 3 Gianyar is a vocational school where the present study is conducted. It is located in Jln. Raya Peteluan desa Sidan Gianyar where the present research is conducted.

1.8. Theoretical Frameworks
A systematic of research is expected practical significance and should be conducted in the basis of the relevant theoretical constructs and empirical evidences. The investigation is based on theoretical frameworks that include: theory of vocabulary, kind of vocabulary, ways of improving vocabulary, teaching vocabulary through word tree branch technique and vocabulary assessment. The above headings were discussed in chapter

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