Definition Of Love And Community

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Love and Community
A community is a group of people who are considered as a single unit because they hold similar interests, belong to a similar social group or nationality. According to The Art of Loving, love is the concern for life and the development of that which one loves (hooks, 2000). A community requires love, freedom and harmony for a peaceful co-existence. To establish the meaning of love in life, one needs to experience it or witness another have it. Love and community is shaped and informed by aspects such as gender, identity, religion and identity in several ways.
The first aspect that shapes love and community is race. In the social concept, race refers to a group of people who possess similar physical characteristics such as skin color. In real world, more than seventy percent of the members of a particular race live in the same geographical area. For instance, most people of the Asian race live in Asia. Over the past century, the definition of love and equality has mostly been based in this concept. The love for one’s race has been believed to exist naturally. Loving and appreciating people of other races has always been emphasized in social media, churches and schools. However, the objectives of achieving universal love in the community has always been hindered by racism.
Racism entails the unfair treatment that results from the belief that the qualities of a person depends on the race to which he/she belongs and that members of the other races are not as

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