Definition Of Neo Malthusian Theory

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Neo Malthusian are those who criticize Malthus insistence on the moral restraints as the preventive check to population growth but accepting and supporting many of his argument. Neo Malthusian term was first used in 1877 by Dr Samwel Van Houten who were the vice president of the Malthusian league. Neo Malthusian was not only a campaign in favor of birth control but also it was a particular perspective on the effects of population on human behavior and conduct since it concern or focus on how overpopulation may increase resource depletion or Environmental degradation to a degree that is not sustainable with the potential of ecological collapse or other hazards. Neo Malthusian term originated from the idea of Thomas Malthus that suggest a relationship between the growth of population and food where by population growth predicted a future when human would have no resources to survive on. To avoid this Malthus urged controls on population growth to which he considered that population should be kept down to the level at which could be supported by operation of various checks which he categorized as positive checks and preventive checks. By positive check he analyses all the causes that can lead to shortening of human life span like diseases, hunger, poor living and working condition and war, while on the preventive check he argued about moral restraints where by male should postpone marriage and marry later when they are capable to support a family. From the idea of Moral

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