Definition Of Neutral Question Essay

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Neutral question, the meaning neutral question itself to my understanding means a question that does not takes any side, a question that really is objective and not subjective to any side. This is the understanding of neutral question and this is the perspective that is going to be argued in this essay.
Being born in a diverse cultural family, as my father is from Europe and my mother from Asia what I have learnt from growing up in with both European and Asian culture is that neutrality is an illusion. It is an illusion because people will never achieve or consider “something” neutral as long as that “something” is different from how or what they think. I agree to the statement, but I have some reservations that neutral question can exist. The fundamental of un-neutrality is clashing of opinions in other words clashing of knowledge. Something that is based upon knowledge is already un-neutral because people will have their own opinion upon something, people will have their own unique paradigm. Even in times where knowledge is neutral people will have different views in assessing the knowledge itself, some people might have the same views in knowledge. However having the same views of knowledge does not mean when a person creates a question the question neutral. Having the same view of knowledge is really difficult as there are plenty factors that builds up a
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Every culture has their own unique way of thinking way own unique views. Cultures have its own religion, belief, ethics, and history. What’s making it more unique is that every culture has their own reasoning for their religion and ethics and to a culture religion and their ethics is something neutral. But as I’ve mentioned earlier neutrality is an illusion what is neutral for something or someone might be chaos for another. By comparing religion and ethics together this is a fundamental example of
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