Definition Of Prejudice And Discrimination In South Africa

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First and for most what is the meaning of prejudice and discrimination? Prejudice can be simply be put as the unmerited general judgement we as individuals make or conclude about a specific group of people. And these judgements can be based on age, social class, colour (ethnicity), nationality, religion, gender, appearance, etc. And prejudices often arise, because of someone’s past experience with another individual. And what I mean by that simply put into an example would be a scenario where we have a ‘straight’ boy and he comes across a gay boy who happens to wear earrings. And the ‘straight’ boy concludes that all boys who wear earrings are gay. Along with prejudice in society comes the effect of discrimination. Discrimination can be described as the behaviour or treatment we inflict on people because of a prejudice we have on them. And this not only unfair on the people being discriminated against but can also be unfair on the person who discriminates, because the individual misses out on the opportunity for the prejudice to be proven wrong (possibly). South African is a country that has a significant amount of discrimination and prejudice and this is mainly because of our past history. Prejudice and discrimination happens to be one of the effects of apartheid that we are still struggling to deal with even today. And this is because of the background individuals come from. As new generations arise some prejudices have decreased, but unfortunately the struggle to overcome

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