Definition Of Professionalism In Nursing

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What does water taste like? Have you ever tried to describe the flavor of water to someone? Professionalism, like the taste of water, is described differently by each person you ask. Some equate professionalism with a tidy appearance, some explain professionalism as having a certain skill set, and still others define it as simply being a professional. Generally, definitions of professionalism are vague and extremely open to interpretation. For instance, Oxford 's learning dictionary defines professionalism as "the high standard that is expected from a person who is well trained in a particular job. Merriam-Webster 's online dictionary defines professionalism as "the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. Yet another definition of professionalism comes from the United States Air Force but can apply to many professions, the Air Force Handbook states "professionalism is achieved through continuous study, practice, and experience." All of these definitions, plus countless others combine to make up society 's definition of professionalism that we as professionals are held to. In this paper I will narrow down and hone in on what I consider three pivotal areas of professionalism in the workplace, specifically nursing. I 'll focus on professionalism with patients, professionalism with co-workers and professionalism in career education. Professionalism with patients Let 's start with what I consider the most important area of
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