Definition Of Racism In America

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Americans like to believe that they live in a post racial, color-blind society. The truth is, racist thoughts are still extremely alive; it has just become more sophisticated and more subtle. Racist thinking in America has a long and deep-seated history, one in which nearly every great American writer is guilty of. Throughout history, in America, there has always been the idea of racism. When people think of racism, they usually think of slavery, which no longer is a problem in the United States, so people assume racism is also no longer a problem. However, this is far from the truth. Racism is still extremely apparent in America. It is true that since the end of slavery, the United States has made great strides towards becoming a less racist country. In reality, racism will never be extinct. To get a better understanding of the racist idea, one has to start at the beginning. Did the racism levels in America change, or are they still the same, just different? There is a common phrase which says that "the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same". Does this apply to America? One thing that is most important in these kinds of arguments, is for everyone to have the same understanding of the definition. My personal definition of racism is simple, it is the concept that regards one racial group of people inferior or superior to another racial group in any way, specifically to this paper are Black people inferior to any other racial group. The revolutionary era
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