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I have learned a lot of valuable information in this article that has helped me better understand self confidence and what its true meaning is. Chapter 14 in the foundations of sport and exercise psychology book is very relatable to the article I chose and self confidence and the characteristics a person should have in order to have confidence within themselves. The article focuses on the how self confidence is the most important mental factor in sports. When I think of self confidence there are many different things that come to mind and what the definition could be, the proper definition of self confidence is the belief that you are able to successfully perform a specific desired behavior. Putting this into much simpler terms means that you…show more content…
Personally, I am able to relate to this specific type of confidence because of the impact my coaches had on my life. In the book Robust Sport Confidence also referred to in the article as Prime Confidence, though they are called to different thing they both share the same meaning. Robust Sport Confidence is a type of confidence that protects athletes from the adversities faced while competing, while prime confidence is a long lasting belief in your personal ability. This specific confidence does more than work on your confidence personally, but also being able to handle and function properly in uncomfortable situations. The key terms chosen to highlight the Robust Sport Confidence were words that I found common and relatable to athletes no matter what sport they may be participating in. The most important thing is that an athlete has the ability to compete and build their character and confidence. It is much easier to find ways to gain confidence in skills that you are familiar and are not situations that come easy to me if I work towards them eventually I will become comfortable and more confident. This can also be important in your everyday life because you are able to work through adversity and become a very diverse person, being versatile can take you a very long way in the real world. A person who is able to learn from their mistakes and able to work in uncomfortable situations are individuals that people are more attracted to in the workplace, which is important. Making progress and making an effort to improve your confidence in yourself will help you more and more in the future. I realized over time being an athlete that I would make mistakes, but as long as I worked on improving in that area I will become more confident and eventually will be able to dominant in that

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