Definition Of Sustainable Tourism

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In this report sustainable tourism development will be explained and analyzed in relation to the essential features that influence a country’s tourism development. Sustainable tourism has to deal with social, environment and economic impacts. However tourism except from positive impacts has also some negative impacts regarding the economy, environment and social aspects. Sustainable development is also about developing a better life for all people that will be as practicable in the future as it was at present.

Sustainable Tourism Development
In the middle of 1980 has emerged a great interest for the global warming, the reduction of natural resources and the pollution that has introduced the idea of “sustainable development”, although the idea of sustainable tourism was developed the 1987. An important interest was dedicated in order to describe the standards and practice of sustainable tourism.
The UNWTO definition for sustainable tourism is:
Sustainable tourism is a type of tourism that takes into consideration its current and also its future social, environment and economic impacts and deals with the needs of the industry, the visitors, the host communities and the environment (UNWTO, 2005).
According to the definition sustainable tourism has to deal with social, environment and economic impacts.
Tourism through its activities, impacts in a large extent with the natural environment, to the point that when the natural environment is undervalued the tourism product will
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