Sustainable Tourism Development Essay

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In this report sustainable tourism development will be explained and analyzed in relation to the essential features that influence a country’s tourism development. Sustainable tourism has to deal with social, environment and economic impacts. However tourism except from positive impacts has also some negative impacts regarding the economy, environment and social aspects. Sustainable development is also about developing a better life for all people that will be as practicable in the future as it was at present.

Sustainable Tourism Development
In the middle of 1980 has emerged a great interest for the global warming, the reduction of natural resources and the pollution that has introduced the idea of “sustainable development”, although the
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There is an increase on water and electricity demand with a great impact on the wider and local environment.
The tourism development affects the social system both positive and negative. This depends on the kind of tourism that develops in the area. (Eagles and McCool, 2002).
Positive effects
Many are the benefits of tourism in the social sector. In these are including the reduction of unemployment, the development of infrastructure (such as roads, ports, airports), the improvement of services (like banks, transport) as well as an increase in the living standards of local residents. An example can be the economic benefits and the job creation that Cyprus has faced. Tourism can act positively on the issue of culture, through the efforts of attracting visitors is reviving traditional elements, morals and customs.

Nevertheless, tourism development can have negative effects on the social environment of an area. A negative aspect can be the employment of the personnel: they abandon the traditional occupations of farmer and fishery. This is because the unemployment push the population in jobs directly or indirectly related to

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