Definition Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The perfect definition of the American dream differs from person to person. However , it is seen that the mostly used concept of this term by the people is that of having a decent homely life with two children, an ideal spouse and a house which provides them with comfort and satisfaction. But this concept of the American dream varies from it’s true meaning. James Truslow Adams wrote a book “ The Epic of America” in the year 1931 and came up with an idea of the true meaning of American dream. He stated that “ The American dream is the dream of a kind of land in which our life becomes better and richer and equal opportunities should be given to everybody on the basis of their ability . It should be totally wrong to define such dream as a dream to obtain high wages , luxurious cars and fancy things but a dream of equal order in which a man as well as a woman are equal irrespective of their birth or status.” The novel The Great Gatsby is believed to be an important piece of work written by the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in the year 1925.It showcases the time period and the lifestyle of Americans at the end of the First World War. The novel is set up in the city of New York and the male protagonist of this story becomes a person named Jay Gatsby who is in search of the American dream. The use of Gatsby by Fitzgerald makes him explore the notion of American dream which was a fundamental aspect in the transition of American society into a modern one. The word “dream”
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