Definition Of The American Dream

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“The American Dream” is and has been a fundamental part in forming the culture and social structure of the Americas, mostly North-America. The basis of its formation lies in the year 1848 when a great number of German lower class people fled Germany after the March Revolution; the working and middle class stood up to the autocracy of the German Empire but were fruitless in the revolution and in turn fled to America. Those people chose their destination, America, because of the social structure and political freedom. The Declaration of Independence states, that “Every man is born equal”, thus forms America into a republic with no privileged order, nationwide social equity and no prejudice towards its citizens. The term “American Dream” is a widespread term to describe the American way of life, but has yet to be coined as a term with an inflexible understanding, this means, “The American Dream” has a different meaning to every individual, although the basis remains the same for all. A simple explanation into “The American Dream” would be – to emigrate to America, settle down and become wealthy by working, and definitely not by being born into a rich family/nobility, this is achieved through equality of opportunity for it creates equal access to education and the job market, thus every individual has the same chance of success. To this underlying understanding of the dream, individuals add their own means to success, weather to gain wealth year-by-year or to become rich
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