Definitions Of Conflict Management

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Define conflict management.
Conflict management is the implementation of being able to recognize and deal with conflicts in a way of sensible, sufficiently and systematically. Conflicts is always been a phenomena case in a workplace, it becomes vital for people especially people in an organization or company to understand about conflicts and know how to handle.

The functions of managing organizational conflict have several types, which are understanding, developing relationship and dimension of influence. First and foremost, a person must be able to understand and know of him and others as well whom we communicate with. On the other hand, others can reach to us when they know our position. Secondly, we should develop and maintain a stable
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People get stressed that might affect in their professional or personal life. Other than that, there will be lack of productivity when members focus only in conflicts rather than achieving their task when conflict occurs.

Based on the above facts, we can concluded that journal research analyzes several importance of conflict management in organizational communication by according types of conflict management, the style of conflict management and also the implications. All this aspects is important in organizational communication and conflict management. There is a lot of space for new to come and improvements of the research even it has many research by experts these day.
Based on the above findings and conclusions of this study, here are two recommendations to be considered:
1. Conflict management in organization may not a point that seriously aware to many organizations but it is required in todays though practices by some organizations.
2. The implementation of conflicts in organization may seem to be issues but it should also lead to positive. This is because when conflicts occurs, organization make changes for improvement and better
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Gross is a Ph.D. Arizona State University, an associate professor of management at Colorado State University and Editor-in-Chief for Negotiation and Conflict Management Research from the year of 2016 to 2018. He is the 2016 Past Division Chair, Conflict Management Division, Academy of Management. Moreover, he won awards such like the 2015 Top Departmental Reputation Contributor of the Year. His current research focusses on conflict with managing experience design, trust and repairing trust, personality and abusive supervisions, and conflict and verbal aggression. He has published few journals like Decision Sciences, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Management Inquiry. Raymond Hogler research interests focus on labor and employment relations and he has write more than 60 articles and has published four books in his areas of interest. Raymond Hogler is legal author in the Wall Street Journal, the Denver Post, the Las Vegas Sun-Times and few other media
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