Definitions Of Cross Cultural Communication And Cross-Cultural Relationship Skills

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GTM Competences. Definitions.

Soft competences:
• Cross-Cultural Relationship Skills:
- Building relationship
Relationship-building is considered the strongest trait an effective leader must have. In describing or evaluating unsuccessful managers, experts find that their inability to develop and maintain relationships is listed as their biggest weakness and the biggest hindrance to a company.
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- Cross-Cultural Communication skills
Language and cultural misinterpretations can be avoided by increasing our understanding of other people and their cultures. The study of cross-cultural communication addresses this need by examining the communications and interactions between people of different cultures and sub cultures. The fundamental principle of cross-cultural communication is that it is through culture that people communicate. Thus an Indian, a Chinese, an American speaks like any other Indian, Chinese, or American. As Kineberg (1965) points out that “we find that culture differ widely from one another in the amount of emotional expression which is permitted. We speak for example of the imperturbability of the American Indian, the inscrutability of the oriental, the reserve of the English man and at the other extreme of the expressiveness of the African or Sicilian. Although there is always some exaggeration in such clichés it is probable

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