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Intersectionality. According to Google, it’s official definition is the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. Intersectionality was a word I first heard on Instagram. Amandla Steinberg was wishing her friend a happy birthday, and she said she couldn’t wait to hang out with her favourite intersectional feminist. I was confused; why was she an intersectional feminist and not just a regular one? Why are there different types of feminism? When I learned the definition of the word I realized that my experiences as a black woman meant I had intersecting identities. To be a black woman in the western world is to navigate through a plethora of issues, and stereotypes that white woman will not experience. The purpose of my paper is to explore the fact that the general public has deemed black women as undesirable, contempt, and have made the average black woman feel powerless in the western world.

My first day of kindergarten was a day I looked forward to as a child. I annoyed my father everyday during the summer, asking him when I could go to school. I had attended Pre School, and I thought kindergarten was going to be 10x more fun. I quickly found out that my pre school and kindergarten experiences were going to be very different.
I was very excited to meet the girls in my class and make new

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