Deforestation And Global Warming

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Abstract A researched paper on deforestation, discussing its root causes, effects on global warming and climate change, with the inclusion of certain protectionist measures taken by some to help keep this phenomenon in manageable range. This paper includes opposing arguments on the subject, and rebuttals. It is found that deforestation is caused both by nature, and by human intervention. It is a leading cause in climate heating, which is a global warming contributor; drawing out that deforestation is a cause of global warming. In its natural occurrence, deforestation is a locational issue affecting mostly Tropical and Mediterranean regions due to their unique climates. Deforestation also affects human and animal lifestyle by disrupting the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of the human, and destroying countless animal habitats, along with a negative impact on the medical world due to the disappearance of root ingredients, which are found in trees and plants. Many measures have been taken by Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and by governments of certain countries to raise awareness, and to decrease the prominence of this issue. Keywords: deforestation, climate change, global warming, The Effects Of Deforestation on Global Warming And The Earth’s Climate Deforestation is generally defines as the natural or artificial destruction of forests. Naturally, deforestation occurs due to climate change in which the increase of heat, humidity, and cloud placement
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