The Economic Impact Of Deforestation In British Colombia

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Canada is currently the world’s largest contributor of deforestation. Developed nations like Canada are able to efficiently thrive off natural resources such as the vast areas of forest in British Colombia, thus greatly benefitting their economy. Despite all the economic benefits from logging trees for wood supply, construction areas, etc., it is severely harmful for the environment as it is contributing to air pollution, loss of natural habitats of species in the eco-system, and global warming. The degrading of British Colombian forests contributes to four percent of their annual greenhouse gas emissions for the amount of fossil fuel used for logging in British Colombia has drastically decreased from four million tons of carbon emission in…show more content…
Losing carbon storage from deforestation is increasing the amount of greenhouse gas let into our atmosphere. These green house gases such as carbon dioxide serves like a force field. Although they are able to block out some of the heat from the sun, it is also trapping the heat inside Earth’s atmosphere causing an increase in the global climate. With the increase in climate, it is also affecting the other environmental issues like previously stated, the rise in sea level as the temperature thus causing the polar ice caps to melt. According to, there are 754 species listed in the BC Conservation Data Centre’s list of endangered, threatened or even extirpated, completely wiped out in a region but still exists somewhere else. Deforestation of British Colombian forests is destroying the natural habitats of the many diverse species that inhabits them. By doing this, it is disturbing the balance of diversity in the eco-system which can have a negative effect on the food chain as certain species will die off leaving their predators without food which will trigger a vicious cycle that can cause certain species to become…show more content…
With the goal of accomplishing zero net deforestation by 2015, the act stated that for every tree logged, another one shall be planted because of their carbon storage properties. Trees and other vegetation store greenhouse gases released, therefore, the act will ensure that for every tree degraded, another will take it’s place to make sure that the amount of carbon storage are not permanently lost. This will result in a zero net effect as the goal is to prevent all the pollution from entering the air. However, British Colombia is only one part of this global issue and in order to put a stop to this, the rest of Canada and the rest of the world must all follow their example if they wish to achieve the same success as British Colombia

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