Deforestation In Liberia Essay

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An estimated 18 million acres of forest is destroyed every year, almost the size of Massachusetts and Vermont combined (Global Resources Assessment 2010). Deforestation is occurring in Liberia which affects global warming and the amount and variety of natural resources and animal-borne illnesses. Liberia, a tropical country in West Africa, is considered one of the last strongholds of forests (Brown). Despite the government efforts to protect the forests by identifying them as National Parks or National Forests, and Norway paying Liberia 150 million dollars to end deforestation, deforestation continues (Morawski). Larger than the area of Maryland, twenty-five percent of Liberian forests have been sold to logging companies (Hirsch; Lupick).…show more content…
Without deforestation, Liberia will have an easier time feeding itself, growing its economy, there will be less animal-borne illnesses and more medicines. Liberia without deforestation would allow many different plants and animals to survive in the forests, so Liberians, especially indigenous groups, will have an easier time finding adequate food. With a greater variety of herbs and plants, medicine will be developed easier and fewer Liberians will die from infections or illnesses that are preventable in the United States. If Liberia practices sustainable timber harvesting, they have more timber in the future, thus allowing them to continue exporting timber which supports their developing economy. Without deforestation, insects and animals that cause illnesses such as Ebola and Malaria will not come into contact with as many people. This will prevent disastrous outbreaks such as Ebola, from which 4,810 Liberians died (2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - Case Counts). With deforestation put to an end in Liberia, Liberia will continue to develop and the quality of life within in Liberia will

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