Deforestation In Rwanda

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Rwanda is a country in Africa. It actually one of the smallest country in Africa. Rwanda bordered is by Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and Congo in the west. Rwanda is mostly covered with grass and grass hills therefore most people call rwanda “The Land of Thousand Hills”. As Rwanda is a country the capital city is Kigali. Kigali is actually one of the cleanest and largest city. Rwanda’s history was a very sad part time. In 1994 there was this devastating genocide that happened between to tribes in Rwanda. A genocide is when there is a killing of many people especially in particular groups about their religion or race or nationality etcetera and when the killing is the intent to wipe out or remove that type…show more content…
One of the major impacts it has to the county is its environment. Environment is our surroundings (nonliving or living things around us). For example a tree is apart of our environment. It is very essential e to protect their environment around us because one day it will all disappear and especially when people need it the most. It has affected the environment by have deforestation problems. Deforestation is when people remove and cut down trees for special purposes such as getting wood to make houses. As Rwanda is a land enveloped in lush green vegetation there are lots of trees being cut down it can affect the ani,mals there by not having food and die and when the animals die there will be less food for people to eat so that will affect people dieing because of hunger. This causes a cycle of so many death that is why it needs to be stopped. Rwanda has already made a ban of having no plastic bags as it is not biodegradable and it affects the environment by it bringing pollution problems which focused on a different thing. In Rwanda they mostly use wood from the trees to build houses and because there are so many people that are in Rwanda at this very moment there are lots of tree being cut down and that will mean so many people will be affected by this as i told you about the
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