Deforestation In South America Essay

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Deforestation is a method of removing trees and forests through the process of cutting and burning, this has been around for hundreds of years. In countries like South America, the people turn to agriculture to meet the needs of everyday life, which leads to deforestation. In poor communities in places like South America, farming is the way of life because this is how they survives and make money. By the removing of trees, it creates more space for farming grazing, and it’s a source of income for many people. The loss of land is also due to mining as well creating another source of income in South America. Although deforestation is a popular way of means, the effects of it are long lasting. Deforestation leads to issues in South America such as mudslides, loss of virgin forests, loss of habitats, and the loss of homelands.
Without trees to secure fertile soil, erosion occurs and sweeps the land turning it into rivers. It is estimated that one third of the world’s farmable land has
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Humans have been around for a while and they are known to change and adapt to their surroundings. Many different groups over the course of history have been affected by deforestation because of the resources the rainforest provide. The rain forest is used as a supply of resources for people not only in South America but around the world as well. As the forest has been cleared away, species have been cleared with it. This is problematic for the indigenous people whose lives depend upon the on the resources the rainforest provides. The loss of culture and way of life that has lasted for many generations is now gone due to the effects of deforestation. The knowledge of the rainforest that the indigenous people hold about the medical plants is also lost due to this (Wilson). Many of the tribes are forced to change their location, which alters their way of
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