The Consequences Of Deforestation

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Could you imagine a world without rainforests? Well, it may very well become our future. Unfortunately, there are multitudes of problems that come before and after deforestation in the Brazilian rainforests. There is only a finite amount of natural resources we can use on a day-by-day basis and lumber from the Brazilian rainforests is decreasing rapidly. The animals that thrive and procreate in the rainforests will be left with no shelter and could increase their chances of becoming extinct. Trees are a vital instrument for regulating the air and the atmosphere. As more and more trees begin to decline, carbon dioxide influences greenhouse gases, global warming, and soil erosion. However, why is deforestation occurring if there are all of these…show more content…
It causes an imbalance within the environment with the wildlife and the vegetation that creates the rainforest. Deforestation disrupts the wildlife’s longevity by creating issues such as their food source, mating habits, and shelter. As the forests go down, all animals use the rainforests as protection from humans, predators, and the sun. Most of the wildlife in the rainforests are herbivores. This produces a huge conflict because this makes their food sources very scarce and limited. This will cause a massive starvation spike in wildlife activity. According to a study conducted by Michigan State University, they state that even if a small portion of the rainforest is destroyed, this can cause an entire species extinction (Smith). Why this can happen is because the wildlife that lives within that environment is specialized for that environment. The wildlife simply cannot survive in different conditions than what they were built to live in. Smaller prey will typically flee from predators within the forest, but with the decreasing rate of their shelter, the smaller prey will flee into human civilizations that can increase the rate of pests and disease. Along with that, the predators will try to invade as well because they are looking for their prey. As they move into human populated areas, there is an increase of automobile accidents with animals searching for their new or old food source. With this happening, this can create problems with an unwanted invasion of exotic animals or plants species (How Does Deforestation Affect Animals) that could be problematic for humans. Not only animals are being affected either. The rainforests are home to many exotic plants that us humans and animals use to create medicine and medicinal purposes for diseases and cures. Without the plants, there may be no chance of discovering new vaccines and medicines to treat a variety of illnesses, ailments, and
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