Deforestation: The Most Important Causes Of Global Warming

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Carbon dioxide as greenhouse effect gases, which are a huge cause of global warming and it is responsible about 50% of the contribution gases make the global warming. It is created by many ways, some of them are natural and the other part is not. One of these ways is the human activities and according to the intergovernmental panel on climate change the human activities are the main reason for climate change and between the greenhouse gases the carbon dioxide is the only one which produced by the humans . Human activities increase the amount of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere faster than the earth can absorb it, but the principal source for producing it is the energy production like the burning of coal and natural gas to create heat and power.…show more content…
So deforestation has many results which all ends with global warming like release of carbon dioxide from trees and soil back into the atmosphere and the fewer trees, the least amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the trees and replaced with oxygen. For all this reasons forests has a very important role in facing the global warming and climate change.

Plants are affected by the global warming. The product volume and quality are both affected by the climate change and the carbon dioxide increasing in the atmosphere, and this effect causes a difference in the types of plants due to the location. Because one of the most important conditions is the temperature of the location of growth. And all this effect of climate change and carbon dioxide concentration has been extensively using
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