Deformity In Frankenstein

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In the novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the protagonist Victor reluctantly agrees to make another creature -- a female companion for his male creation. Upon further analysis, Victor assesses the risks of creating a second creature and changes his mind by not creating a female creature. Victor decides not to construct a female companion for the creature because of the tragic events the he causes, the uncertainty of the female creature’s personality and her feelings toward the male creature, and the concern if the two creatures would be able to reproduce.

Although Victor finally favors the making of a second creature, he ultimately chooses otherwise. For three years, Victor consumes himself with the same task of creating a creature.
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If the two creatures hate each other, then a greater problem occurs with them living apart. Having his two creatures hate each other may bring them to ask Victor to create each a new companion. Then there would be four creatures roaming the earth and adding even more potential harm to society. Victor realizes that if he is to create more creatures, this will profoundly affect his wedding and life. He faces an unjust predicament. Moreover, the male creature already begins to “loathed his own deformity” (p.174), and fears the female creature may find him to be hideous and she instead may be “drawn to the beauty of man” (p.174). When the resulting catastrophic events occur, the female creature will likely prefer to live near a village and interact daily with human males. This can be disastrous because if no human male finds her attractive, then she could become enraged and annihilate the villages and their…show more content…
The dangers include the creatures’ future offspring may become dangerous and jeopardize life on Earth, the uncertainty of the female creature’s personality and how she will react to the male creature. For Victor, he should not construct a second creature because of the malaise feeling he gets when he is finished. Thus, Victor should not create a second creature because of all the risks involved, the extensive amount of uncertainty, and potentially jeopardizing the safety of future generations of
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