Defusing Terrorism

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Defusing Terrorism Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation. It has recently grown into a much bigger issue than it has been in the past. As we look around and see more terrorist groups grow or develop the threats and issues have come to rise to all of society. In an article by William Deloof he said that “the number of total fatalities related to terrorism has risen by 80% since the year before”. Society as a whole needs to be more aware of what is going on outside of our “bubble.” Terrorism has cost a lot of devastation and tragedy. Also, as a community we need to look deeper into not only how we need to stop it, but what we need to do to stop it. We need to find out how to stop it or at least contain a big part of it. As we look at terrorism through a microscope, it is like a huge disease to every country around. In the same article by William Deloof he also says that most terrorist attacks or terrorism speaking in general only mostly comes from countries in the middle east. That is astonishing to think how all the way from there terrorist can still control the minds and thoughts of people in America by social media or even just people talking to them about it. Defusing terrorism will be an issue we must solve in the near future because it might cause another terrorist attack or cause an all out war, but we can solve it by closing borders, enhancing security around the world and stopping ISIS. “Terrorist attacks in the U.S have increased in the past

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