Informative Essay: Defusing Terrorism

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Defusing Terrorism
Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation. It has recently grown into a much bigger issue than it has been in the past. As we look around and see more terrorist groups grow or develop the threats and issues have come to rise to all of society. In an article by William Deloof he said that “the number of total fatalities related to terrorism has risen by 80% since the year before”. Society as a whole needs to be more aware of what is going on outside of our “bubble.” Terrorism has cost a lot of devastation and tragedy. Also, as a community we need to look deeper into not only how we need to stop it, but what we need to do to stop it. We need to find out how to stop it or at least contain a big part of it.
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This creates a problem for many because they do not know what they will wake up to the next day. There has been approximately eight terrorist attacks since 9/11 (Jacobs). Many of those terrorist attacks have been in the U.S, meaning somehow the terrorist groups mainly from the Middle Eastern countries have gotten to the Americans (Irminia) “It is noticeable that in those instances most attackers are Americans who are trained by the group of terrorist controlling them” (Todd). It shows that since ISIL was created that terrorism has increased immensely worldwide. ISIL has “inspired more than 140 terrorist attacks in 29 countries other than Iraq and Syria” (Lister). ISIL has created fear in the eyes of everyone worldwide. That being said, most terrorist attacks generate from their tactics and their idealistic ways. The terrorist groups lure adults in through social media and postings of videos of beheadings and mass shootings (Rogers). For some reason people in the U.S especially are drawn to these terrorist groups which leads to more and more attacks on the general public. ISIS appeals to others because of how small the countries and states were that they took over, making them look powerful. All the past attacks have also encouraged people in the U.S to do the same which is part of the problem

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