Defying Ignorance, Young June Lew: A Visual Analysis

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Defying Ignorance, Young June Lew: A Visual Analysis I entered Andrew Bae gallery and ascended up the stairs to the second floor, it was dimly lit, yet inviting, the kind of lighting that is kind to all. It had warm mahogany floors that perfectly added to the subdued ambiance of the space. Initially my eyes moved in a sporadic manner, shifting from piece to piece, searching for something to draw them to a settle. Each one as beguiling as the next, splendid choice after splendid choice, left me feeling rather overwhelmed. Finally my eyes settled on a piece that was exquisite and yet so simply alluring. This painting “Defying Ignorance” by Young June Lew, was provocative but yet innocent in its display. My eyes were first drawn to the silhouette of an elegant woman 's profile, showcasing her naked refinement and femininity. Painted in a lustrous gold hue, she reaches high for what seems to be a pomegranate. After a moment I realized she is not the sole figure in the painting, there are others in the near background. These figures are less precisely detailed, and the essence of their gender is nonexistent. The painting was illustrated will thick acrylic almost making it feel as if you 're part of the painting itself.…show more content…
My first impression was it 's likeness to a biblical portrayal of Adam and Eve, due to the depicted picking of pomegranates and the fragile naked women. Upon further inspection it is clearly not a depiction of Adam and Eve do to the excess of people. Subsequently my first question was “What is the purpose of the people in this piece?”. They are painted in a lustrous metallic pigment, that is exceptionally emphasized compared to the monotonous drab tones of the tree and the backdrop. The figures goldeness could almost represent a celestial hue, the woman grabbing the fruit as if it 's an epiphany from the gods. The figures lack of garments also led me to some questioning, I initially assumed they were naked, for an essence of
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