Defying The Fates In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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When people read, or watch, Romeo and Juliet, most see a couple that defied the Fates, that they were so tragically in love that they couldn’t bare to be apart from each other, even in death. But I believe the opposite; they were always fated to die, it was even stated in the prologue, however, it was just ironic how the scene played out. “Is it even so? Then I defy you, stars!” Romeo believes that by committing suicide he’s defying the fates, although his act of depression prompted Juliet to kill herself, fulfilling their tragically ironic lovers’ destiny. There are many theory’s to Romeo’s love of Juliet, but mine, and many others, theory is that Romeo is the true villain of the story. Jay black explained it best when he stated that because it was written around the 1500’s century, most of the poor were sick with famine, and those…show more content…
Everything is predestined, just as the ‘star-crossed lovers’ were death-mark’d. Nothing Romeo did changed his or Juliet’s Destiny. Teenagers love to ruffle their parents, and Romeo and Juliet are no different. Juliet, in her own right, is in love with the idea of love, and on the other hand, Romeo is in love with his very own playboy self. I’d like to believe that the people who think the play is about love are very idealistic and or area romantic at heart. Society is a finicky beast, set on rules that most, basically everyone, likes breaking; in today’s society, millennials are all about breaking the norm and being different. Some may point out that the law is, in a sense, similar to society, but it can’t be more different, the law is about someone’s morals and how they should be confined, and society is about the idealistic person, someone who are what society wants them to be, not what they want to be. No-one should be told how they should act, just off principal, they should be their own person, with their own story to tell, not someone
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