Degeneative Communication Spiral Examples

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According to Stewart (2012) communication spiral transpires in every relationships and it occurs when the actions of each individual within the relationship enlarge those of the other in a positive direction also called generative communication spirals or negative direction also called degenerative communication spirals (p 400-402). The martial relationship between Caleb and Catherine during the Movie Fireproof displayed Stewart’s (2012) concept of degenerative communication (Kendrick, 2008). Both Caleb and Catherine are undergoing a degenerating communication spiral, which is caused by both of them lacking respect toward each other along with selfishness desires and actions. According to Stewart (2012), Caleb and Catherine behaviors are…show more content…
The first example relates to Caleb, which is where Caleb and Catherine are arguing in the kitchen and both are putting each other down and Caleb loses his temper and hems Catherine up toward the wall and is yelling at her about respecting him and blames Catherine for his porn addiction (Kendrick, 2008). The second example relates to Catherine, after Caleb’s actions of the kitchen disputes she tell him that she wants out of the marriage (Kendrick, 2008). Both of these two examples of Caleb’s and Catherine’s degenerative communication spiral is related to Stewart’s (2012) information regarding degenerative cycles are eagerly obvious when a relationship starts disintegrating due to distrust feeing distrust, defensiveness soaring which causes the relationship to worsens (p 404). The third example relates to Catherine, when Catherine pursues an emotional affair or connection to her coworker, Doctor Gavin (Kendrick, 2008). According to Stewart (2012) Catherine is seeking outside of marriage to self-fulfill the emotional void that she is not receiving from her husband Caleb within their
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