Degradation Of Women In The Odyssey

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Degradation of Women Viewed from Modern American Context On Tuesday, February 6th, the Crockett House Firm charged the epic poem, The Odyssey, for representing the degradation of women, specifically, women being objectified and misrepresented. The Crockett House Firm wants these charges to be judges from a modern, American cultural context. The Crockett House firm is the prosecution and finds The Odyssey guilty of the charges. The Griffin House Firm is the defense for this trial and finds The Odyssey not guilty. I find the defendant not guilty on the charge of degradation of women from a modern American cultural context. The defense has shown through witness, textual evidence, and cross examination that the epic poem The Odyssey is not guilty. During the trial, the epic poem, The Odyssey, was called to the stand as a witness. The defense questioned the witness on their views of the characters in the poem such as Odysseus and Telemachus. The Odyssey answered stating that the characters in the poem are not the poem itself. What a character has done does not account for the beliefs and views of the poem. This statement disproves the first part of the charges saying The Odyssey is is guilty of the degradation of women. It is not the poem that degrade women, but the characters in the poem that degrade, objectify, and misrepresent women. The prosecution did not try to prove that the characters are apart of the poem so the prosecution did not prove that the characters are apart
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