Degrading Women In Pay Essay

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In some places around the world women are not seen as equals to men and this is shown in their treatment at work and in their pay. Women are not given the same opportunities as men to achieve higher ranks and better pay. All people should be seen equal. Gender inequality is degrading the women in soccer. in soccer it is seen when it comes to their pay, endorsements, and sponsorships from big companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. Members of the women’s national team who have gold medals at last years World Cup didn’t get paid as much as men, even after getting first place, Women get paid 30,000 for making it to the world cup, men get 68,750 (Fighting for Pay Equity 1). Many women athletes still don’t get the same recognition as men, for example, in video games like FIFA which is based on men soccer a game purely focused on male soccer players. There is no female counterpart for this game, even though there is a women’s soccer league. The players in the games get money from the companies that base …show more content…

Female workers earn 17.4 percent less than their male colleagues with the gap increasing the more senior they become (Browne 1). Women are not only seen as less in the workplace, but society continues demean their work and efforts by paying them less. Even if said women employe was doing her job better than her male counterpart he would get paid more than her. Harriet Tubman was a African American women who was not only brave and cunning but was also capable of leading hundreds of slaves to freedom in the underground railroad, so not only was a woman capable of having a job, they are capable of leadership So if an African American women back in the day where women had no rights and black women had it even worse she was trusted to lead people to their freedoms why can 't a women now in the 21st century get paid the same as a male. There 's those who would disagree but however they are wrong because as history has shown women are capable of some pretty amazing

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