Dehumanisation In Frankenstein

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The dehumanisation of creations is not only influenced by their lack of names: their hideous also contributes to this. The Creature and Hyde are continuously described as deformed and hideous, which acts as a barrier between them and society, because those who are deformed cannot be seen to be accepted. “Seeing how ugly and ‘hideous’ his creation is once he has animated it, Victor abandons it in horror.”
Özdemir states that Frankenstein only abandons the Creature due to the hideousness of his form, which aids his dehumanisation, further influenced by his ostracisation by the DeLaceys and the rest of society. The Creature’s identity links with Cooley’s ideas of a ‘Looking Glass Self’ - his view of himself “comes from the contemplation of personal qualities and impressions of how others perceive us” which presents his identity as being shaped by the constraints of society, and the idea that each society will eventually grow to contain someone similar to him as, even nowadays, society doesn’t accept all. Indeed, Said suggests that “neither Muslims nor Arabs nor any of the other dehumanized lesser peoples recognise themselves as human beings” in the eyes of others and therefore retaliate in order to prove themselves. The growth of religious extremism in recent years is testament to this idea: certain religious groups have been discriminated against, which has led to their retaliation against those who have done them wrong. This idea is supported by Dumas as Dantès takes revenge
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