Dehumanization Causing Events In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Dehumanization Causing Events in Night Over the course of Eliezer’s holocaust experience in the novel Night, the Jews are gradually reduced to little more that “things” which were a nuisance to Nazis. This process was called dehumanization. Three examples of events that occurred which contributed to the dehumanization of Eliezer, his father, and his fellow Jews are: people were divided both mentally and physically, those who could not work or who showed weakness were killed, and public executions were held. Firstly, many of the Jewish people were separated from each other both mentally and physically regardless of their feelings about the separation. An example of this was when the people were loaded into the cattle cars, eighty in each.…show more content…
The people had already put aside their emotions for others, and began to give up all hope for a better life, and then the public executions made many give up their religious beliefs and hope for a nice afterlife. Whenever the gallows first showed up, and the first hanging of a boy took place, Elie thought, “this boy, leaning up against the gallows, deeply upset me”(Wiesel, 62). The sense of justice and that the good were rewarded and the bad were punished began to fade. The Jews can see that the judges in the camps can do as they please and choose who lives and dies, and that the sentences are not always fair. The crematorium did not involve them looking death in the face, but with the gallows they were dehumanized because they could not look away from the facts that life is not fair and just, and that their beliefs should be doubted. When the young pipel with the angel looking face was condemned to die this idea grew. As the people were watching the boy about to die they wondered aloud, “[w]here is merciful God, where is He,” and “[w]here He is? This is where...hanging here from these gallows”(Weisel, 64-65). The Jews’ faith and beliefs in justice and a God who has a plan to save them and do right by them evaporized when the young pipel was killed. They thought that if God was really merciful he would have saved the boy. This played a large role in the dehumanization role because by taking away the beliefs of the Jews, which is a big part of their identity, they were reduced to shells of the people they
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