Dehumanization In Elie Wiesel's Book Night

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“The bell. Already we must separate, go to bed. Everything was regulated by the bell. It gave me orders, and i obeyed them. I hated it”. Elie Wiesel says this in night. To this he means how he hated being controlled by a bell, it controlled everything of him. This though relates to the book Night for it is the book Night. Elie Wiesel writes his book to tell the people about what happened to him in the concentration camps. In Elie’s book Night, it gives many examples about how the Nazis dehumanized people, Examples of this would be when he sees his father getting beat but does nothing. A second example would be how he felt his only life was the bread and the soup. A third example would be when the Nazis would cut people’s hair and take their possessions.
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Normally when someone sees their parent getting beat they would stand up and try to defend them. But Elie says how he got mad at his dad as if it was his father’s fault. A normal human wouldn’t get mad at their parent for something like that. The reason i’m going to say that this is an example of dehumanization is for how he responds. It wasn’t normal and it wasn’t right. A second thing the Nazis did was they separated families. It's deadly when you lose a loved one. But not knowing if the other one of dead or alive or where they are is even more devastating and that really tore into people's
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