Dehumanization In Elie Wiesel's The Standover Man

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Dehumanization is the process by which the Nazis gradually reduced the Jews to little more than "things" which were a nuisance to them. The Jews in these concentration camps were greatly disrespected. They experienced several beatings, were undernourished, and overworked. Elie and the other Jews eventually lost faith in God, and witness unpleasant events never to be seen again. Elie and his family not only had to survive the sickening ride to the concentration camps, but then had to endure the pain every day after that. When him and his family arrived at Birkenau, Elie gets separated from his mother and sisters, but stays with his father after lying about their age. All the male Jews were told to shower, shave, and put their work clothes on. They were then ordered to march to Auschwitz, where they had their number tattooed onto them. When they get transferred to Buna, this is where Elie…show more content…
Elie watches his father slowly loose health and eventually die. Elie survives after almost being exterminated by the American tanks that arrive at Buchenwald. He slowly recuperates in a hospital. In the Book Thief, The Standover Man, written by Max to Liesel, greatly tells of how Hitler dehumanized the Jews. Hitler took many things away from Max, including his parents. Max’s book The Standover Man was about a “bird” (man) that was always being told what to do. Max helps Liesel to understand how he was treated, and that he was afraid of loosing his life. However, Liesel helps Max to understand that he should not be afraid of “The Standover Man”. In both Night and Max’s book to Liesel The Standover Man, the dehumanization of Jews took place. Night tells of an autobiography told straight from the voice of Elie who went through this process. The Standover Man was a story within a story that also told about how Max felt with Hitler. Dehumanization was a very difficult process to endure, and in the end, many did not
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