Dehumanization In Elmer Rice's The Adding Machine

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Furthermore, “Braverman argued in Labour and Monopoly Capital that the implementation of scientific management resulted in the deskilling. By specializing in a single task, the detail worker becomes unskilled labour. He is coming to the labour market without any distinctive skills to offer, in accordance with the laws of supply and demand, his work is compatible with a large number of others. For example, the routinization of assignments performed by blue-collar workers in factories as well as those completed by lower level white collar workers employed in offices. According to Braverman, deskilling and task routinization occurred in order to decrease production costs and to boost employee productivity. Upon the deskilling of labor, employees…show more content…
Lastly, all the representation that Braverman has made which is the detailed division of labour, the Babbage principle, deskilling of work and degradation of work all can be found in the Elmer Rice 's play, "The Adding Machine". The play demonstrates the impacts when the specialist gets replaced by innovation or machines and clarification of capitalism. Rice is also demonstrating that how dehumanizing occurs in regular day to day existence and in the workplace under capitalism. Mr. Zero who is the main character of the play who is from a middle-class family, not happy with his married life and not satisfied with his job as it 's been 25 years at his work he didn 't get the promotion. For him not being happy with his job making him baffled at his marriage life as his better half needs him to have a fruitful and stable career (Rice, 1945, pp.462-473). The plot takes a turn when his boss fires him which he couldn 't take and kills his boss. Despite the fact that he was not happy in his life but rather his job was the main thing that he cared about the most. At the point when his boss replaced him with a young person to work adding the machine, he was not able to control his tension. It appears here how his boss did a dehumanizing act by replacing him with a teenager and adding new technology to workplace does not require his skills any longer to do the task. Also, it would be substantially less expensive to pay the teenager’s labour. This shows how his 25 years of service finished with degradation of his work (Rice,
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