Dehumanization In Paul Freire's Pedagogy Of The Oppressed

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In the first chapter of Pedagogy of the Oppressed Paulo Freire explains the concept of humanity. He explains that in a historical timeline both humanization and dehumanization are possibilities. Humanity encompasses freedom, understanding and integrity, with the three as core qualities that assert our humanity. Freire explains that people should show these traits to others as well as themselves. He says that to acknowledge humanization, we must also recognize dehumanization. The very process of dehumanization reaffirms our humanity. For dehumanization to occur a person’s humanity has been taken away from them; thus, they are oppressed. Oppressors come about when they have constant control over those oppressed. The oppressors do not view the…show more content…
This fear forbids the oppressed from reacting on their situation somewhat because they have embraced guidelines set by their oppressors. Freire asserts that “Freedom is acquired by conquest, not by gift. It must be pursued constantly and responsibly” The oppressed are not willing to do anything as they have become used to the domination structure of the oppressors. For the oppressed to overcome this oppression they must work in unity. Freire then points out the fact that those oppressed “prefer the security of conformity” over doing what is needed to do away with oppression and to attain liberation. The need for pedagogy comes in at this point. However, because oppression has been shown to them as a structural situation, Freire emphasizes that the oppressed should exercise caution and not take an individualistic focus in their quest for liberation, so as not to shift the oppression cycle. Freire then, in his text, offers what should happen for the oppressors to gain their liberation. He insists that a pedagogy should be formulated by the oppressed themselves, and not by anyone else on their behalf. Insofar as the oppressed look at the liberation process from the oppressors’ view, from the oppressors’ current structure that is in place, they cannot effect change to the
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