Elie Wiesel's Night: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust

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“To forget the holocaust is to kill twice.” This means that if we stop remembering what happen in Germany on 1933-1945, it is like killing the people in the holocaust twice. The holocaust was an event that targeted about six million Jews and executed them. They created camps to keep the Jews in so they would have a more organized way of killing them. Furthermore i will be talking about dehumanization in the book Night, his identity and his purpose to reveal the truth on what went on in the camps of the holocaust.

First of all, let me explain the 3 main points that occurs within the book Night. First let 's start talking about Elie. As soon as Elie arrived to the camp he no longer had a name. He claims in the book that as soon as he got there
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He would do this by sharing his experiences with the people today so they would gain a greater understanding of what happen. He wanted people to know the fear he went thru in the camps. Another reason he wrote this book is to remind people bad things and could be happening behind your back. He shares events in the story of the people who did not believing what was going on in the towns. He claimed that people would call them insane and not listen to what they say. This being, he hoped by writing this it would also prevent this kind of tragic event from happening again. I he hopes it would give people a little more awareness in the world and who they trust.

By this being said throughout the novel, dehumanization is important because it could change the way people act and how they react to certain thing that are going on. Dehumanization affects Elies identity which contributed to his purpose for uniting the novel Night and showing and telling truth. We need to know about dehumanization to spread awareness and to prevent it from happening again. So the final and main point is, you should never forget what happen during the times of the holocaust and prevent it from happening
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