Deidara's Zombies: A Narrative Fiction

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Deidara had just returned last night from his encounter with the blonde loud-mouthed kyuubi. He slowly entered into the meeting room, and started to feel a little warm. Tiny droplets of sweat formed at the sides of his face, so he decided to remove his cloak, letting it fall down from his shoulders before tossing it aside. All of the eyes of the members wondered curiously over to the blonde, more specifically down to the new additions made to his arms. There were stitches sewn around in a circle just below the shoulder of each arm, and in the middle of the right arm where there was supposed to be his normal sun-kissed skin, instead looked like a dark brownish color, with a bark-like texture. It was as if he had some type of zombie mutation…show more content…
"From the news that Zetsu has gathered for me.. Sasori died after Deidara had left him with the pink-haired kunoichi and elderly woman. The red-haired jinchuriki was rescued by his comrades and later revived. It is a great accomplishment for us to have finally caught one of the nine jinchuriki, but an even greater /failure/ to have lost one of our most powerful teammates.. I hope that you all mourn for Sasori 's death," Pein went silent for a moment, and Deidara hung his head down. From the other member 's perspective, he could be perceived as sad, but in reality he was trying his hardest to contain the smirk that wanted to spread across his cheeks. Deidara wasn 't exactly happy about the death of his partner who he had been with for years. He actually respected his hard ass and impatient partner by calling him "Danna", even when the other regarded Deidara 's art as nothing but trash. Deidara couldn 't help, but feel joy that his partner who always stated that his body was everlasting, died before Deidara did. This was /proof/ that art is ephemeral. "Itachi, from now on you 're going to be paired up with Deidara, and Kisame will be with Tobi, our newest member". Deidara dramatically shot his head up, forgetting all about his earlier thoughts as he looked wide-eyed at their leader. 'Him?! I have to be paired up with the Weasel, hm?!. The blonde looked over at Itachi with disgust, he would rather be paired up
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