Deenie Denie Character Traits

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The first main characters name is Deenie and her three traits are stubborn, independent, and kind. she is an average girls as she would say but her mother would say she was born with a beautiful face that she needs to put to good use Deenie's mother often says god gave you a pretty face for a reason. Deenie goes to school the same as any other kid but she often gets to skip school for auditions. These auditions are for modeling jobs Deenies mother is always setting up interviews for deenie but deenie does not want to model but she wiud never tell her mother that. Deenie has been getting told by all the modeling agencies that her posture is not very good and one hip is higher than the other deenies mother is blaming her but Deenie can't help It because she has a condition called scoliosis Deenie has to go to multiple doctors to figure that out and get the proper treatments Deenies mother is devastated because with this condition she has to wear a brace that she has to wear for four year she absolutely hates this brace and will not wear it eventually she learns to deal with it but it is a struggle. Deenie has now decided what she finally wants to be she wants to be (the doctor type )
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Deenies mother is always saying deenie needs to be a model when she hasn’t even asked deenie what she wants she is trying to live the life she wanted through her children like her other daugter (Deenies sister) helen who is "the brains of the family" she is always telling helen she needs to study because shes the brains but deenie never has to study because she the face of the family which is very unfair to not only helen but also deenie. They both should be treated the
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